Nita_HullAt the tender age of five, Nita sat on her father’s lap, mesmerized by the blueprints for the family’s new house spread out on the table in front of them.  As Nick patiently explained what the maze of lines and symbols represented and later walked her through the rows of aromatic, newly framed stud walls, the connection between the language of drawings and the three-dimensional structure clicked, and a passion for home design was born!

basement renovation
Today, the ardor continues! Combined with sharp powers of observation and a keen desire to listen to people voice their joys and frustrations about how their homes work in daily life, she has an exceptional ability to spot and solve irritating design flaws during the design phase and BEFORE construction begins.

Accolades from appreciative clients flow in, as do enthusiastic evaluations from students in her Continuing Education courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Nita has been published in Homes & Cottages magazine and Design Basics.


As a proponent of life-long learning, Nita continues to seek educational enrichment. Her accomplishments include the following:
  • Associate Certificate in Building Design and Architectural CAD (with honors) from British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Provincial Instructor’s Diploma
  • Diploma (with highest honors), Architectural Drafting, ICS in Montreal
  • Certificate, National Kitchen & Bath Association,  Kitchen Designer Course
  • Certificate, Fundamental Lighting ED-100, Illumination Engineering Society
  • Certificate of completion, Basic Counseling Skills, Kwantlen University College