We specialize in analyzing floor plans for function.


How practical will your new floor plan actually be?

  • Is there a closet near the entrance door you actually use?consulting_home_design
  • When you move your buffet/china cabinet into the dining room is the light fixture still centered over the table?
  • Does opening the refrigerator door block a major traffic path?

Every time we build or remodel we think of something we should have done or wish we had done, when it’s too late.
The Working Woman’s Dream House – John S. M. Hamilton

Are you confident that YOUR new home design or proposed renovation is as practical and functional as possible? Do you want to risk waiting until you move in to find out?To avoid disappointment and regrets, we will analyze your new house or renovation plans for function and make suggestions on how to improve the flow of your design where necessary. You will proceed to construction with the confidence you have made design decisions you’ll love living with.

Nita, your ideas were fantastic! Your time to analyze our two spec home plans, I feel was invaluable…thank you so much! I want to learn to see what you see!!!
Cheryl Martens, Cherry Hill Ventures Ltd. Custom Home Builder