Successful renovations transform your space from…


inconvenient …to COMFORTABLE

cramped …to SPACIOUS

dark & dated …to BRIGHT & FRESH

Home renovation can bring intense satisfaction –why? Because you will:

  • solve thorny design issues that have been pricking you and your family for some time
  • significantly increase the value of your home
  • stay rooted in your current neighborhood

You’ve learned what works and what doesn’t in the existing design of your house. We listen to your experience and re-shape your spaces to work now and into the future.case_study2case_study

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you profusely for your wonderful service…and your endless supply of knowledge and ideas. Thanks for your dedication in “re-vamping” our plans – you are the best.–Shelly Moffat & Doug Rickner

Our special thanks go to you, Nita, for designing a much more functional workspace and for working with us to make sure we each had our desires fulfilled.–Art & Vicki Gross